Roskerry Building Services provide a variety of demolition services, catering to buildings of any size and with the ability to deal with any restrictions that may occur. The Controlled Demolition Services comprise of multiple types of mechanical and robotic means of demolishing a building when conventional demolition methods are not available or cannot be used.

Controlled demolition is used when a building needs to be demolished bit by bit – often when space is restricted so our large excavators cannot access the area or when there is a limit on what noise can be made throughout the work. We are committed to investing in specialist, up to date equipment to enable the demolition of any restricted buildings to take place without any delay or disruption to the project.

Controlled Demolition equipment

All of the equipment used by our team for our Controlled Demolition Services, such as the diamond cutting gear, is specialist – the team do not cut corners when it comes to ensuring only the best and most effective equipment is invested in and used.

Roskerry Building Services Limited are committed to finding solutions to all your demolition problems. Contact our team today and see how we can help with your demolition project.