Concrete Bursting or Hydraulic Bursting is a quiet, safe and efficient method of demolishing or weakening large concrete, stone, block or brick structures. It is a silent demolition method, using hydraulic bursters (vibration-free machines which use hydraulic pressure to demolish structures). The process makes it possible to remove lumps of concrete without having to use excavators, avoiding both vibrations and using big machinery.

Hydraulic Bursting can be used to take out a window or it can also be used to cut a line then take out a small section of concrete using a core drill, which expands at such a force it will just push concrete out, even if it is reinforced.

Concrete Bursting is ideal when the concrete needing to be removed is very close to another building and there are concerns about the effect of the vibrations on the building’s foundations.

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Drilling and Concrete Bursting by Roskerry Building Services