Diamond Drilling is a versatile service, used mainly but not exclusively on concrete. Roskerry Building Services have the ability to diamond drill anything from a 12ml hole up to a 500ml hole.

This particular form of drilling is often used on new builds when a project’s deadline is so tight that the building needs to be erected and then the pipework and so on is planned retrospectively. The diamond drill is then used to accurately create holes to allow pipework to be installed despite the obstacle of large amounts of concrete.

The process is called Diamond Drilling due to the small pieces of crushed diamonds that are encrusted at the top of the drill bit. Diamonds are used due to the material’s strength and physical qualities. Blades used for cutting timber, for example are great, but would be unable to cut through concrete and steel, unlike diamonds.

Roskerry Building Services carry a comprehensive range of Drilling Plant and Equipment, priding themselves on looking at and pricing each and every individual project to assure each and every individual client is comfortable with the price quoted.

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