Very similar to Diamond Drilling, Diamond Sawing uses specialist blades to cut reinforced concrete. There are little diamonds in the blade that enable us to cut through, for example, a meter thick wall. We used this particular service a lot when we worked on Crossrail and other similar jobs.

Diamond Sawing can cut a perfectly straight line through concrete up to 10 metres deep using a rope, also with diamonds attached to it. The rope is attached to the saw and when two holes are drilled in the concrete, it is pulled through the holes, creating a straight cut through the concrete.

The Diamond Sawing services include Track Sawing, Wire Sawing and Floor Sawing. Roskerry Building Services have numerous track saws in-house for a wide range of applications with blades ranging from 450mm to over 2m in diameter, giving the ability to cut to depths in excess of 1 metre and flush cut fittings if needed to meet clients’ specific requirements.

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