Roskerry Building Services complete concrete foundation work on a wide variety of structures, including but definitely not exclusive to bike stores and bin stores. We undertake any type of Concrete Works including reinforced concrete slabs and concrete frames.

When Concrete Works are discussed, the finish of the concrete is also considered – the relevant finish will depend on the concrete is for and if anything, such as carpet (which will require a very good finish), will be placed on top of it. A rough finish will be necessary where the concrete is being built up with screeds for insulation etc.

Roskerry Building Services have highly experienced in-house concrete workers, carpenters and concrete finishers to take on any Concrete Works you may need – big or small – and to any level of finish.

Employing their own concrete team means we do not have to rely on contractors and ensures you are not let down on any agreed time frame or quality of work.

Contact the team today and find out more about the services Roskerry can offer you.